Masterclass 2: Creating and Pricing your Packages by Christine

Masterclass 2: Creating and Pricing your Packages

How to Create and Price your Packages is perfect for people struggling to create packages out of their offerings that makes sense and then to price them in a way that makes enough money but don't really have foggiest on how to come up with those numbers and then sell them with ease and integrity.

No clue how to package your wisom and services and even less of the foggiest on how to price it?

Stop struggling to create a package out of your offerings that makes sense. And then to agonize over its price.

Yep, we've all been there. You have the huuuge advantage though that have stumbled over a kick ass shortcut here though!

One that cost me 5 months of training with a financial coach ($5000 snap! but well spent), loads of trial and error (the nerves, the neeeervess) and the walk of guilt and shame of thinking you charge too much, nor not enough, not the right amount at any rate and sheer frustration of having no idea what to do.

(Oooh and let's not forget the rabbit hole of endless comparasitis with people who do similar things as you do)

Your Hostess with the Mostest

Hi, I’m Christine, and I created the Second Masterclass How to Create and Price your Packages to help people like you create a package out of their offerings that make sense and then to price them in a way that makes enough money even if you don't really have the foggiest on what that might be or how to come up with those numbers...

If you’ve always wanted to…

know your numbers because you understand that this is key and the absolute essential foundation then my calculator will do the work for you even if "you are bad with numbers".

get a step by step process on how to flesh out your packages

sell peacefully and in integrity

…then this course is for you!

In this 2 module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • clear instructions on how to crunch your numbers so that you have a starting point to build from 
  •  a roadmap through the process of package creation, logically and efficiently and then how to price them
  • resources to help you crunch the numbers and guide you towards finding your perfect price point  
  • no BS Money Mindshit questions that will help you identify what is holding you back and self sabotaging you when it comes to asking for money 
  • worksheets that will help you dive deeper and get further clarity to take action easily

Includes a Case Study

This Masterclass was recorded live with one of my clients so you can witness me coaching her and see an example of everything I am teaching. This will make it so much easier on you to apply the theory to your own specific business.

"Worth every dollar"

I am happy to finally know how to create processes or methods for my service business. Furthermore, I am relieved to have a real way to price my work. The exercises are just simply eye opening!

Christine is a born guide who has spent time, money and effort to truly perfect her art so that she can take your business to the next level with your mind at ease because she really means business! Worth every dollar!
Irene Masiku

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How to figure out how to even start pricing your offerings
Creating your Product Suite
How to accept money happily: tackling your Money Mindshit
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These strategies are mainly applicable to service based businesses in the health and personal development space.

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As you are getting access to all the materials at once we do not offer refunds.

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You will have access for as long as this course will be available and hosted on this platform. You can also download all the resources for yours to keep forever.

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