How to Make Google Love You 😍 by Christine

How to Make Google Love You 😍

Let me guess . . . You want:

Amazing, committed, fun and adorable clients who cannot wait to throw their money at your to gain access to your services. Am I right?

Ok, here's what you need my friend:

- be best pals with google, so that when said potential clients type their wishlist into that search BAM you pop up!

- guidance in how to actually phrase what you do so that your potential dream clients immediately go "Oh My GOSH! This person has just opened a window into my brain and read my thoughts!!! (creepy but also perfect match! let me get my credit card!!!)"

- instructions on how to actually make that happen, even if you can barely handle the tech that comes with your smart phone 

What's included?

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Perfect Client Google Magnet.pdf
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How to create a google lovable tagline.mp4
How to create an opt in the tech part 1
Design Opt In in Canva