Christine Means Business

Media One-Pager

The easiest process to create your Media One-Pager EVER! 5 Power Point  AND 1 Canva Template(s) you can edit (with a tutorial of course).

Masterclass 2: Creating and Pricing your Packages

Follow a step by step process to create your packages to be irresistible and then price them so you can be in integrity and pay the bills.

Masterclass 5: Global Impact

Let's share your message with THE WORLD shall we? Media outlets, podcasts, tv, public speaking... How to? Well here's your step by step plan

Masterclass 4: Content Flow 1 Piece, Everywhere

"Produce Content" they say... and you don't even know where to start: Meet the Content Flow. 1 Piece of Content, represented EVERYWHERE.

Sell with Elegance and Efficiency Ebook

This ebook is perfect for those of you who want a step by step process that will guide you through this sometimes daunting selling process. 

Masterclass 3: Email Marketing & Funnels

You something about newsletters,etc but the real structure behind it? Different story. Learn the process here from A (being found) to Z($$$)

Masterclass 1: Branding and Niching

Learn how to figure out what your niche is, who you want to work with and what your brand will look and feel like.

How I edit my Podia storefront and product sales page

A step by step walkthrough on how to customize your Podia storefront and product sales page.

How to Make Google Love You 😍

3 Steps to make sure you get organic FREE traffic to your website. A MUST for any online business owner!

How To Create Your Packages

A quick step by step tutorial on how to create a logical suite of packages that make sense and make it easy to sell with integrity.