Christine Means Business

Masterclass 5: Global Impact

Let's share your message with THE WORLD shall we? Media outlets, podcasts, tv, public speaking... How to? Well here's your step by step plan

Masterclass 4: Content Flow 1 Piece, Everywhere

"Produce Content" they say... and you don't even know where to start: Meet the Content Flow. 1 Piece of Content, represented EVERYWHERE.

Sell with Elegance and Efficiency Ebook

This ebook is perfect for those of you who want a step by step process that will guide you through this sometimes daunting selling process. 

Masterclass 3: Email Marketing & Funnels

You something about newsletters,etc but the real structure behind it? Different story. Learn the process here from A (being found) to Z($$$)

Masterclass 1: Branding and Niching

Learn how to figure out what your niche is, who you want to work with and what your brand will look and feel like.

How I edit my Podia storefront and product sales page

A step by step walkthrough on how to customize your Podia storefront and product sales page.

Masterclass 2: Creating and Pricing your Packages

Follow a step by step process to create your packages to be irresistible and then price them so you can be in integrity and pay the bills.

How to Make Google Love You 😍

3 Steps to make sure you get organic FREE traffic to your website. A MUST for any online business owner!

How To Create Your Packages

A quick step by step tutorial on how to create a logical suite of packages that make sense and make it easy to sell with integrity.