Candida Begone, Sleep Begin by Christine

Candida Begone, Sleep Begin

Your ultimate DIY to get rid of Candida and your Sleep BACK

Laid out in easy steps with practical tools to make it as easy as possible (even for sleep deprived brains)
You have had yeast infections fooorreeeveerr  but never quite made the connection with your insomnia. (don't worry, a lot of people don't)
Well my friend: Candida is a huuuge factor when it comes to sleepless nights.
While research is only starting to catch up on the gut/brain connection I have been trained by the newest cutting edge institutions backing up my clinical experience that your gut is the answer to . . . well pretty much everything: including you sleep!

In this programme you will learn the ins and outs of Candida overgrowth in a quick and easy way AND we will give you the tools to declare annihilation warfare on this bugger!

What's included?

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Welcome to Candida Begone, Sleep Begin
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The Sleep Like A Boss Masterclass
Your Materials
A lil' intro to your goodies
3 mins
Candida Guide by Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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CandidaRecipeGuide Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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Week1SuggestedMeals Candida Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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Week2SuggestedMeals Candida Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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Week3SuggestedMeals Candida Sleep Like A boss.pdf
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Week4SuggestedMeals Candida Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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Food Diary Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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Candida Eat and Don't Eat Foods List Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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SYMPTOMS TRACKER Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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CANDIDA BUSTING Sleep Like A Boss.pdf
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BONUS Time!💕
Interview, Protocol and Summary with Christa Orecchio
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Your Session With a Sleep Boss
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Recipes, Shopping Lists, Meal Plans oh my!

We have it all ready for you! Easy to use and download. Additionally you will receive 6 weeks of email support to make sure you are on track and guarantee ultimate success.

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Christine has created a top reputation over the last few years as a business mentor and sleep expert.
She walks the talk of running a successful business everyday. In these courses she shares bits and pieces of her knowledge in bitesized and affordable and yet powerful neat little doses.